Qualified PGA Professionals Ian Taylor, Dan Skelcher & Dave Corsby provide the best advice tailored to your game. We always start out by discussing your goals and work together reaching them. Imagery captured via our high speed cameras aid your development and track your progress through timely studio sessions. In addition to this we have some fantastic short game facilities for you to hone your newfound techniques and a challenging 18 hole Links layout to sharpen your course management skills and ultimately put your whole game to the test in varied conditions.

Improve your game

Through timely coaching sessions you will develop your new found techniques and skills. Our indoor facility is used for coaching, practice, play, custom fitting and gapping, we will guide you through a tailored process that has shown proven results.

Individual Lesson £25 (30 min)

On course Lesson £45 (90 min)

Course of lessons £125 (5 x individual lessons & 1 x on course lesson)

Video Analysis